Recording Album in Los Angeles confirmed...

Great news not only are we making a new album but we are recording it in LA!. When the option to record in LA came on the table we jumped at the chance, like anyone would. But it’s more than a location to us, it’ll be great to record an album in the same area where a lot of our influences and tour mates are based.

We have been under the radar writing since the end of January and have a collection of demos so far that we are massively happy with, we never enter a studio unarmed and we will be constantly writing throughout the process, but a lot does still get written on the fly.

Predictably we are excited to get out to LA and immerse ourselves in the process, it will also be the first album written with our new drummer Jon who has been touring with us for over a year already.

Each album we like to do something different like on current album “Signs” which was recorded in New York, we co-wrote two tracks with our producers for the first time. So expect a few surprises on this full length.

The as-yet-untitled-album will be recorded in Hermosa Beach, CA at The Porch Studio with Hardline Entertainment.