Art Work & Track Listing

Today we announced the pre-orders and track listing in full for the album. We also showed for the first time the artwork made by Neal.

"It was take at sunset on Hermosa Beach pier, California. It was about halfway through the session, Jon had flown home the day before after completing his drums and myself and Kev were left to finish up. It was at this point it only really sunk in that we had this opportunity to make an album in such an awesome inspirational place. I never really believe thing until I see them these days, which in some ways is sad but realistic. So I think  it kind of captures the mood of optimism of the new chapter, and depicts the title perfectly. I overlayed some of our lyrics subtly as they are a direct reference to this throughout."

1. Skylines
2. The Blindside
3. Fractures
4. Damage Control
5. One More Enemy
6. Lost on You
7. Smoke and Mirrors
8. Broken Lines
9. Head Count
10. Last Salute
11. Great Divide (bonus track)