"Watching The World Come Undone" 2018 (reviews)

"The British Melodic Trio has a lot of rage in their stomachs and produced ten moshpit bangers and they take no prisoners."
- Emp.de

""This album is a blast, it`s full of anthems and melancholy and most important: it`s pretty damn great!""
- Volume Magazin

"One of the most consistent political Melodic Hardcore albums of recent years."
- Tracks Magazin

"Watching The World Come Undone cleverly plots the demise of a political system without ever being preachy. It finds a balance within interlocking personal themes which add to the arguments and also create a bond with the listener. This is a release far cleverer than the infectious hooks and huge choruses suggest."
- Vulture Hound 

"Watching the World Come Undone is the best album I have heard since 2014 across any genre, and an undoubted all killer, zero filler!" 
- Thisisnotascene.com

"You will not be disappointed when you buy the disc..... Every song a hymn! The pace is consistently catchy, while goose bumps are provided by melodic riffs and vocal top performances that get under your skin."
- Away From Life

"If you like early Offspring or Rise Against then this is the perfect album for you. This will give you everything you want from an album and a little more. There’s not a single weak track on Watching The World Come Undone either."
- AltDialogue.com

"You will not be disappointed when you buy the disc. Every song a hymn! The pace is consistently catchy, while goose bumps are provided by melodic riffs and vocal highs that get under your skin."
- AwayFromLife.com


"NEW HORIZONS" (2015) Reviews

"....with 'New Horizons', Templeton Pek accomplished to record an album with melodies that have hit-potential, driving parts and a good production, which makes you want to hear them live." 

“Anthemic wide-screen sound that is meant to be played in arenas.....the aggressively galloping verses build tension”

"The lyrics on 'New Horizons' are impressive.....Every tone fits. Every pause fits. Every break fits. Every line fits"

“The West Coast sun seems to have had an extremely positive influence on the creative process of the band, since Templeton Pek sound more dynamic and full of energy than ever on “New Horizons”…..With songs like ´Fractures´ and ´Damage Control´ the band shows, that there´s hardly another group navigating between Alternative Rock and Punk so successfully at the moment”

“Birmingham Trio deliver the goods for a fourth time in true punk style….Oozes in upbeat and overly catch choruses on each track making it hard to pick out a distinctive favourite.”

“This is all Huge Choruses, Saccharine lyrics, emotive vocals and quick tempos slickly produced and chockfull of ear candy."

"....'New Horizons' convinces you with fast Post-Punk-Songs, somewhere in the middle between Rise Against and Face To Face. Definitely worth checking out!."

"Overall, ‘New Horizons’ is one of the better British rock releases this year; tuneful enough for the pop-metal crowd, fast-paced enough for the punks and with a refreshing lack of pretension."

"....A mixture of melancholy and strength, that we haven´t heard from the UK since the best days of Therapy?, back in the mid-nineties…if you can resist melodies like in ´Fractures´, you´re a hopeless case…a great record, that invites you to dive in deeper with every new spin."

"Decent songs, good production and lots of sweat”

"....these guys sure as hell mix numerous genres and spew out the results in Templeton Pek’s very own form of originality.....the belief and vision of the group should be grandly applauded........one hella of a ‘complete’ sounding record."

"Hard driving rhythm and hooklines...Templeton Pek with 'New Horizons' have legitimate claim to power on the European punk rock throne."

"This Birmingham, UK band knows how to drop the pedal down to the floor and push the limits of speed and clarity....'New Horizons' is the anti-hero and an album that will grow on you."

"Get prepared to rip your sleeves off, throw beer at your friends and head bang yourself into a whiplashed mess...the fourth studio album from this hard-hitting three-piece is simply put, quite brilliant. The songs are thoughtful, all parts are perfectly executed and the production is some of the best this writer has heard in a while."
THE PUNK ARCHIVE (full review here)

"What Templeton Pek delivers demands respect. I haven´t come across a punkrock album this straight in a long time. One of the biggest surprises of the year”
- GASTROMPT.DE (full review here)

"The Punky bits are Punkier, the Rocky bits are Rockier and in general, the band’s gargantuan melodies, fast rhythms, soaring vocals and honest Punk-Rock spirit are clearly going to carry them places."
- MUSICALLY FRESH (full review here)

"Templeton Pek are edging themselves towards a more accessible sound, while still staying true to their roots. It’s a difficult road to go down, and a fine line to tread – but with New Horizons they have struck an excellent balance."
- RUSH ON ROCK (full review here)

"....great hooks, superb musicianship and a thick but clear production…a really strong record you have to listen to multiple times to discover everything.."
CRAZYUNITED.DE (full review here)

"....it was a long time since I last listened to a good melodic-hardcore album that not only I like, but also made me want to know more about the band, who they are, and when and where their next show will be." 
BIG BOMBO MAGAZINE (full review here)

"One hit chases the next…friends of melodic punk-rock must check out the fourth record of this trio."
- MUSIC-SCAN.DE (full review here)

"....the ten new songs are more brushed on riot and skin - as in bigger and bigger arenas......polished, yet charming punk rock from Birmingham." 
 - ALL SCHOOLS (DE) (full review here)

"...If you´re into melodic punk-rock with calm passages, kick-ass moments and emotional singing, this one is for you. A highly recommended buy, the CD just won´t leave my player this summer."  
- HANDWRITTEN MAGAZINE (full review here)