"New Horizons" is out now worldwide via Hardline Entertainment.

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"....an album with melodies that have hit-potential, driving parts and a good production, which makes you want to hear them live." - METAL HAMMER

“Anthemic wide-screen sound that is meant to be played in arenas.”

“Oozes in upbeat and overly catch choruses on each track making it hard to pick out a distinctive favourite.” - BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE

“Huge Choruses, Saccharine lyrics, emotive vocals and quick tempos slickly produced and chockfull of ear candy."

"Fast Post-Punk-Songs, somewhere in the middle between Rise Against and Face To Face. Definitely worth checking out!." - FUZE MAGAZINE

"One of the better British rock releases this year; tuneful enough for the pop-metal crowd, fast-paced enough for the punks and with a refreshing lack of pretension." - PUNKTASTIC